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  • The University of Texas at Austin's Global (Dis)Information Lab, led by ISP Fellow Dr. Kiril Avramov, recently released an assessment that Russian state media significantly inflated the reported number of Ukrainian refugees entering Russia. The report was completed in collaboration with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and used commercial satellite imagery of border crossings and open source reporting. Read the full report HERE.

  • Professor Kiril Avramov, a Fellow to the Intelligence Studies Project and Director of UT’s Global (Dis)information Laboratory, published “White Rex, White Nationalism, and Combat Sport” in the Fall 2021 edition of the Journal of Illiberalism Studies. With co-authors Rene Nissen and Jason Roberts, Professor Avramov reviewed existing studies of right-wing extremism, football hooliganism, networking, and identity, as well as contemporary public scholarship and investigative reporting on far-right combat sports in Europe, with a particular focus on the White Rex brand. The full article is available HERE.

  • The Texas National Security Review, Volume 5, Issue 1, recently published Not at Any Price: LBJ, Pakistan, and Bargaining in an Asymmetric Intelligence Liaison Relationship by LBJ School of Public Affairs PhD candidate Diana Bolsinger. Ms. Bolsinger's article received the Bobby R. Inman Award in 2020. Read the full article HERE.

  • The LBJ School of Public Affairs interviewed ISP Director Steve Slick and Masters of Global Policy Studies student Jeremy Workman on an ISP-sponsored Policy Research Project that focuses on foreign threats to the integrity of U.S. elections. Read the full interview HERE.